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Who Are We?

The Americas Aerospace Cluster (AAC) is a non-profit organization with the goal of bringing together the aerospace industry in the USA and connecting with the global network of aerospace clusters.

We provide  leadership at the national and international levels,  to facilitate aerospace related investment, job creation, collaboration and R&D.

The mission of our Cluster is to connect the aerospace industry with local and national governments, international governmental and non-governmental organizations, research centers and non-profit organizations to grow aerospace in different regions and sectors.

Our cluster (AAC), although based in Phoenix, Arizona is structured under the philosophy of being an international structure in co-operating with other companies and institutes that are based in other parts of the Americas which are also working in the fields of aviation and aerospace. This provides the AAC with the ability to reach different assets in the industry.

AAC initiates and actively encourages the exchange of information and knowledge between all partners via innovation.  AAC assists in developing and realizing concrete steps and projects  for long-term trans-national cooperation between international clusters, industry, governments and academia for a stronger and more competitive American position in aerospace markets.

Board of Directors

jo picture.jpeg

Dr. Joanna Szydlo-Moore, MBA

  • Dr. Joanna Szydlo-Moore, MBA

President / CEO

Gunnar Light, MBA.png

Gunnar Light

  • Gunnar Light, MBA

Vice President Collaboration

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-27 at

Brian Krupski

  • Brian Krupski

Vice President Outreach

What We Do?

Our strategy is to facilitate the development of aerospace industry through co-operation with international clusters and institutions to create a mutually profitable work-sharing platform.

AAC advocates for a well-informed public and political dialogue about global business.  The Cluster partners in organizing professional events catered from small to large businesses in the aerospace field which are open to the public. The R&D goal is to support the latest technology in aerospace, including alternative power for military and commercial vehicles and applications.

AAC was founded by industry executives working for various aviation and aerospace companies with the desire to promote and develop the Aviation Industry. AAC plays a role of a catalyst and facilitator in the industry development process while actively supporting the following projects:

▪ Technology & Innovation

▪ Investment, M&A, Joint Venture & Exports         

▪ Education & Training

▪ Fostering Global Relationships, Offsets & Collaboration

▪ Connect Arizona Industry, Universities, Government Agencies and Professional Organizations

Stephen Guine.jpg

Stephen Guine

  • Stephen Guine

Treasurer / CFO

Dr. Don Gervasio.png

Dr. Don Gervasio

  • Dr. Don Gervasio



Ligia McLean

  • Ligia McLean

Friend of The Board

Why You Should Join?

Our team will provide you with excellent Aerospace networking opportunities during our events in the USA, in person in Phoenix and Seattle, remotely globally via Google Meet, and attend conferences & Trade Missions.

Membership Pricing:

  • $250 2024 year membership for one person per company: which includes free monthly events for one person (company) and discounts for events organized or recognized by the ConvAirT Group, the member will receive Aerospace & Defense Forum events member privileges

  • $500 2024 year membership up to 4 people per company: which includes free monthly events for one person and company and discounts for events organized or recognized by the ConvAirT Group, each person will receive Aerospace & Defense Forum events member privileges


Sponsorship Levels:

  • $500 brown

  • $1,000 silver

  • $5,000 gold

  • $10,000 platinum



AAC members receive a discount of the "Connecting Global Aerospace Industry" conference.

Why You Should Join?

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